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Star Hunter

Speculative painting, resplendent painting: not the world upside down, but the reverse of the world

Octavio Paz

Tribute to Remedios Varo

Tribute to Remedios Varo Star Hunter is part of the Chamber Theatre diptych that Coppelia Theatre dedicated to the Spanish surrealist painter Remedios Varo. A mysterious, romantic and ironic show in which dreams and visions evoke one of the Varo's greatest masterpieces, Papilla Estelar (1958). In the painting, a lonely woman, locked in a tower far from the world, grinds stars to feed a caged moon. The moon has always been considered an ancient symbol of femininity in many cultures. The painting is a warning to all of us and reminds us that if we keep our creativity closed in a cage, we will end up imprisoned in a narrow space, condemned to eternally repeat the same gestures, making ourselves, by dint of habits, some senseless automata. Remedios's is intended as a fierce critic of the lack of freedom, a warning to all those women who today as then restrain themselves, succumbing under the weight of their own fears.

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The wrist puppet technique is complex and fascinating because it manages to combine robotic engineering to the scene, biomechanics to humanity, science to touch, the machine to human feelings: wrist prostheses collect the movements of the operator who has engaged, with great effort and concentration, all the muscles, all the fingers. Zero electronics but only small imperceptible and light touches, puffs with the fingertips that move eight tracks of wires, which bring back to the character, to the puppet, all the actor’s sensitivity: the little finger moves the eyes, the ring finger opens the mouth, the index and middle fingers the legs, the thumb closing the eyelids and the lateral movement of the head. The gestures thus become fluid, neither jerky nor mechanical, realistic, alive “because they collect the “dirt” of the manipulator” giving that patina of imperfection that makes man so unlike the robot. There are two central elements: the feeling of life and that of weight, gravity, which manage to unite and blend poetry with technology, making the second more earthy and soft and returning a non-stereotyped puppet to the public. The result is the confidence that the impact with these little machines with the heart can make spectators of all ages blossom. For this reason, the actor’s work – made of technical complexity but also of scenic versatility – is of fundamental importance. Coppelia can be translated into the company’s motto: Art and Technology.

TOMMASO CHIMENTI; Reviewed | daily newspaper on culture and entertainment)


Micro Puppet Theatre
without words
AGE OF THE audience
any age
max 15/20 people for performance
15 min
the show can be repeated for a maximum of 5/6 performances per day
the show can also be performed outdoors, but it needs a place intimate and sheltered from the wind
own lighting | audio system
90 min
30 min
photo : Roberto Cifarelli

The Cd

The Clockwork Metaphysics CD (The Metaphysics of Springs) is the final result of a year-long musical research run by the composer Stefano Bechini, involving some of the most talented musicians on the international contemporary scene. Through an original score, Bechini combines a series of musical styles in this instrumental performance of extraordinary beauty. Elements from classic to electro-acoustic blend perfectly together to tell the story of three Varo masterpieces: La Creacion de las Aves, Papilla estelar and Personaje.

List of Festivals and Exhibitions

Festival internazionale di Teatro di Figura Arrivano dal mare, Ravenna (2020); Festival Volterra Teatro, Volterra PI (2019); Mercantia, Festival internazionale del teatro di strada, Certaldo (2019); Festival delle arti di strada di Olginate LC (2019); Arrivano dal Mare, Festival internazionale del teatro di figura, Ravenna (2019); I fasti Verolani, Veroli FR (2019); Pupi & Pini, Festival internazionale del teatro di figura, Lignano Sabbiadoro VE (2019); In Borgo, Festival del teatro Urbano, Borgo Velino RI (2019); La città immaginaria, Festival internazionale del teatro di figura, Sabbioneta MN (2019); Mercantia, Certaldo FI (2018); Pupi & Pini, Lignano Sabbiadoro VE (2018); Apritiborgo, Campiglia Marittima LI (2018); Artemigrante; Macerata (2018); Festival dei Cantastorie, Russi RA (2018); I Festival internazionale della robotica di Pisa (2017); Gustatus, Orbetello (2017); Festival Salamarzana, Fucecchio FI (2017); Festival dei burattini di Villa Severi, Teatro dell’aggeggio, Arezzo (2017); Fasti Verolani, Veroli (2017); The magic castle, Gradara (2017); Babkarka Bystrica- Festival internazionale di teatro di figura, Polonia (2016); La città in tasca , Roma (2016); Sognambula, Castagneto Carducci (2016); Sarnico Baskers Festival, Sarnico BG (2016); Kilowatt Festival, Arezzo (2016); Mercantia 2016 - Festival internazionale dell'arte di strada, Certaldo FI (2016); Rassegna Pillole - Teatro studio Uno; Roma (2016); Festival La Luna è Azzurra - Festival internazionale di teatro di figura, San Miniato FI (2016); Festival Valise - Festival internazionale di teatro, Lomza, Polonia (2016); La Fiuma - Festival di teatro di figura, San Benedetto po’ MV (2016); Rassegna teatrale, San Vito di Leguzzano TV (2016); Oblom poesia Festival, Torino (2016); Le Domeniche a teatro - Rassegna teatrale del Teatro Mancinelli, Orvieto (2016); Rassegna Teatrale 2015, Teatro Comunale degli Arrischianti, Sarteano S I (2015); Impertinente Festival - Festival delle figure animate, Teatro delle Briciole, Parma (2015); Battiti – Rassegna internazionale di Teatro-Circo, Teatro Furio Camillo, Roma (2015); Festival Teatro nel bicchiere; Orbetello, Scansano GR (2015); Le Fiere del teatro, Sarmede TV (2015); Bristol Puppetry - Festival internazionale di cinema di animazione, Bristol UK (2015); Rassegna di teatro Casaforte Borrelli, Napoli (2015); Festival La luna nel pozzo – Festiva l internazionale del teatro in strada, Caorle VE (2015); Sognambula - Festival del teatro in strada, Castagneto Carducci LI (2015); Santa Sofia Buskers Festival - XXV Raduno degli Artisti di Strada, Santa Sofia FC (2015); Festival del Burattino a Villa Severi, Arezzo (2015); Festival delle figure animate, Teatro delle Briciole, Parma(2014); IF- Festival internazionale del teatro di figura; Teatro Verdi, Milano (2014); Teatro in circolo - Rassegna teatrale di San Vito di Leguzzano VI (2014); Immagini e figure - Festival di animazione dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna (2014); Sarnico Busker Festival, Sarnico BG (2014); Cantieri teatrali - Festival internazionale di teatro, Soleminis CA (2014/2013); Festival Valceno Arte; Parma (2014/2013/2011); RIC Festival - Invasioni creative, Rieti (2013); Festival Il paese dei Balocchi; Rosignano Marittima LI (2012); Salento Buskers Festival; Uggiano la Chiesa LE (2012); Figure - Festival internazionale di teatro di figura; Parma (2012/2011).