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Art and Technology
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Coppelia Theatre

Philosophy of Company

We believe in the sense of the need of an artwork, each of our shows is rooted in a creative urgency and it is nothing more than an attempt to fulfil on the stage a reflection of man on man, on the meaning of his being in the world. We love to play with the transversality of art, hybridizing different disciplines, intertwining different languages, experimenting the fertility of the intersecting spaces where theatre meets dance, engineering poetry, contemporary circus ancient literature and music figure.


Theatrical Engineering

All of our stage machines are handcrafted with a type of aesthetic investigation that arises on the border between traditional figurative arts and modern engineering experimentation, through the application of bio robotics to the world of theatre and dance. Our passion for complex mechanisms helps to create the fusion of technology and poetry which has always been the beating heart of our art.

Research and Dramaturgy

The centrality of Research and the strong focus on Dramaturgy – not only textual but also visual and musical – embrace every aspect of creation, substantiating that need for contents and essential questions that are the atomic components of all our staging.